Get the Best Brows in Melbourne

Lux Brows & Lashes is a brow specialist who can cultivate the best eyebrows in Melbourne for you. We offer a range of services for customised brows to help bring about completely natural looking eyebrows, with available options including eyebrow feathering, eyebrow sculpting and eyebrow lamination. We understand the importance of eyebrow alignment when it comes to natural brows, enabling us to provide on-point brows that don’t draw attention to themselves as overdone.

Brow Feathering

“Lux is a leader in natural look brow feathering (often referred to as microblading). We focus on delivering the look that you want that also complements your natural features.”

  • The pigments used by Lux for microblading brows in Melbourne are non-reactive and safely absorbed into the skin. They naturally fade over time (unlike ink), making it a semi-permanent solution. A numbing cream is used before the procedure to keep you comfortable throughout.

  • We carefully select and mix pigment colours for each client, taking into consideration your skin tone, the colour and volume of your brow hair, and your desired result. Our senior brow specialists have in-depth knowledge of how to perform natural looking microblading for the perfect brows.

  • All brow feathering clients receive a retouch consultation 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure as part of the fixed price cost. Clients will generally return for a colour refresh usually 6-12 months after the initial 2 sessions to ensure the specific colour of their brow is maintained.

  • Please note that Lux does not work over existing tattoos that have been performed elsewhere. Old tattoo pigment needs to be barely visible for us to proceed and achieve the best brow results.

Eyebrow Sculpting

“Lux Brows & Lashes offers eyebrow sculpting to give you the brow shape you’ve always wanted. Eyebrow sculpting is the process of manicuring your existing brow hair using a few different techniques to deliver the perfect shape and give you a great look. “

  • Our brow therapists are experts in their field and will work with you to achieve your desired outcome. Our consultation includes waxing, tweezing, eyebrow alignment, and a complimentary tint or eyebrow lightening where required.

  • With a personalised eyebrow tint that’s designed precisely for your colourings, we can help to bring out your eyes and redefine your face. There’s a lot that can be done with a customised brow tint – it really can make the world of difference to your face. At Lux, we know exactly how to choose the best hues to complement your features.

Eyebrow Lamination

“Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new technique which is increasing in popularity. This technique is a great option to deliver the fuller look that many women are seeking.”

  • Our eyebrow lamination service includes all of the benefits that you receive with an eyebrow sculpt but also includes eyebrow lamination. The process of lamination is one where we apply a special formulated type of keratin that is manufactured specifically for the brow. Think of eyebrow lamination as like a lash lift for the brow, where we lift and position the brow hair to create a fuller look for your brow.

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