Brow Sculpting Melbourne

Brow Sculpting in Melbourne

Brow sculpting involves arranging and manicuring eyebrow hair to achieve an ideal shape and arch. This form of brow shaping in Melbourne is one of the most effective ways of getting the desired brow delineation. If you’re not yet ready for microblading, but you want a solution for sparse or unruly eyebrow hair, brow shaping is well worth giving a go. At Lux Brows & Lashes, we offer brow shaping that involves waxing and tweezing until your eyebrows look naturally beautiful. We can even give you a tint to add additional dimensions to your brows.

What’s Involved in a Session for Brow Shaping in Melbourne?

An eyebrow shaping session will involve careful planning of how to best manicure your eyebrows to get the best shape via a variety of means. It might involve waxing, tweezing or eyebrow alignment, as well as tinting or lightening if necessary.

What is a Henna Brow Sculpt?

Henna is a form of pigment which can be used for eyebrow tinting on the skin underneath the brow hairs. The idea behind this tactic is to create the illusion of a shadow or depth, thereby disguising any sparse areas of hair. A henna brow sculpt will leave a stain on the skin for up to 4 weeks, and hairs up to 6. The ultimate time that henna will last on a client will depend on their skin type and lifestyle.

It’s beneficial for people who have quite sparse eyebrows to use henna, as it can create a fuller look that also lasts longer than usual eyebrow tints, staying on the skin for up to 4 weeks.

What is Brow Sculpting?

Brow sculpting refers to semi-permanent methods such as textured eyebrow gel or skin paint, used to fill out eyebrows. It can be a great alternative to using makeup on your brows daily. Usually, a brow sculpt will last for 2-3 weeks, depending on how long it takes for your hair to grow.

How Much Does Brow Sculpting Cost?

The first visit of brow sculpting (including tinting) is 30 minutes and costs $85-$95. For a repeat visit of brow sculpting (including tinting), the cost is $70-$80.

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If you’re looking for brow sculpting in Melbourne, pay a visit to Lux Brows & Lashes. We have a well-regarded reputation for achieving natural looking brows that are designed to get you noticed. Brow sculpting is just one method we offer for creating the brows of your dreams. Be sure to check out our other brow services, or book in for brow sculpting now by calling 0423 028 149.