Are you dreaming of waking up each morning with perfect brows? Well let us grant you that wish, at Lux Brows and Lashes we’re known for transforming brows and creating gorgeous, natural looks through brow feathering. Brow Feathering using a microblade (unlike tattooing) is not permanent, is far more natural and finer than any tattoo and fades naturally within 1.5 years, (depending on varying factors – individual after care, skin type, environmental factors and exposure to the area). This is a solution to faking a fuller, totally natural brow look, taking out the hassle of spending endless hours pencilling in your brows attempting to get the shape right. We create strokes that mimic actual hair, you wouldn’t even know they weren’t real brow hairs. If fulfilling your brow dreams appeals to you, why not start the discussion,  Book online a brow feathering consultation at Lux Brows and Lashes today.


Consultation (Redeemable only when booking brow feathering service)$9545 Minutes
Brow Feathering$9952:45 - 3:15 Hours
Second Retouch (must be 4-8 weeks after retouch)$1501:45 - 2.00 Hours
Brow Colour Refresh$3501:45 - 2.00 Hours
Extended Colour Refresh$4502:15 - 2:30 Hours
Get A Lash Lift While You Wait$115+ 15 Minutes
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