Brow Sculpting is the secret to defining and shaping your face, sculpted brows present a well groomed look, brows change everything. At Lux Brows and Lashes we achieve the natural brow look by working with your existing hair, precisely selecting and removing unwanted hairs (wax and tweeze only). We identify areas that need extra attention to achieve your desired look, remembering brow ‘perfection’ doesn’t happen at your first  appointment, beautifully sculpted brows don’t come naturally, but are achievable with several sessions. A complimentary tint can add additional dimension and depth to your brows, we’ll access if required. A brow tint sits on the hair follicle, it does not penetrate the hair shaft. Tinting your brows is perfect for incorporating those fine/fluffy/fair hairs once tinted offers additional fullness lasting 1-2 weeks (varies per individual). This is a conservative solution to enhancing your natural brow colour. We complete the treatment with our signature Lux by Kim Evans brow makeup products. To maintain your perfectly sculpted brows we recommend regular brow sculpts every 4-8 weeks depending on your hair growth life cycle.


First Brow Sculpt$8530 Minutes
Repeat Brow Sculpt$7030 Minutes
Hybrid Brow Sculpt$9030 - 45 Minutes
First Lash Lift & Brow Sculpt$2001 Hour
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