Also known as Microblading and Brow Tattoo. We create natural Brow strokes with a microblading tool penetrating the skin with pigment, creating an illusion of fuller looking brows. Your first initial appointment will go for 2hr and 45 mins. The 45 mins is where we apply anaesthetic cream to prepare you for your appointment. We suggest you come in prior to the day to collect the cream or purchase at your closest compound pharmacy. This is if you prefer to not wait 45 mins in the studio. Your brows will be precisely measured and drawn, and a through colour discussion on the day of your first Brow Feathering appointment. Throughout the 2 hours, magic is performed with a thorough process of transformation. You will leave gap free, creating an absolute game changer to your morning routine saving lots of time and most importantly an eye catching feature where you will be looking twice in the mirror.

Following this appointment a Retouch is crucial to complete the service scheduled 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment. This appointment is free and apart of the first package. Brow Feathering is a semi permanent treatment lasting approximately 6-12 months, depending on each persons after care, hold of the pigment, skin type, environmental factors and exposure to the area.

To maintain your brow shape and pigment a Colour Refresh appointment is required. This appointment goes for 1hr (and 45mins if we are applying the cream). In some scenarios clients are needing an Extended Colour Refresh or Retouch, which is suggested by your trusted Brow Artists. This is to ensure we devote more time to your appointment and perfect your look.

If you’re looking for an effortlessly natural result with your eyebrows, Lux Brows & Lashes is the best place to start. Book online a brow feathering consultation today.

*A wax and tweeze is also included in your Brow Feathering appointment. However, between appointments clients may need to book a Brow Sculpt to maintain hair growth. If this applies to you book online today or if you need more information select the Brow Sculpt service.


The Brow Feathering Consultation is the first step in starting your Brow transformation. The consultation is an informative discussion outlining the Brow Feathering process. The Brow Specialist will go through contraindications, shaping and after care. We can give you an indication of what to expect by drawing the shape with brow powder. However, the shape is only a potential look.

*If you have existing tattoo done else where please text a make up free photo to the studio before booking a consultation.

*We do not recommend Brow Feathering whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.


If you’re looking for the best brow transformation in Melbourne, Lux Brows & Lashes is the best place to start. We’re known for transforming your brows, with a natural look by adding soft feather strokes and thorough face mapping. If you want the most sophisticated eyebrows that don’t look overly cultivated, arrange a brow feathering consultation at Lux today.


Brow Sculpting is the secret to defining and shaping your face. Sculpting brows don’t come naturally but we achieve the natural brow look by manicuring unwanted hairs (wax and tweeze), working with the existing hairs and performing a face analysis. We will identify want needs to be filled to achieve your desired look and can be a working progress. We find our clients rebooking this service 3-6 weeks depending on each individuals hair growth cycle. We apply our signature Lux by Kim Evans brow products and a complimentary tint if required to add additional dimensions to your brows.

Brow tint is like a wash out hair dye. It coats your hair follicles rather than penetrating the hair shaft. Tinting your brows is perfect for those with fine/fluffy blonde hair to add fullness. Lasting approximately 1-3 weeks (varies per individual). This is a conservative solution to enhancing your natural brow colour.


If this service interests you, you can Book Online today. Brow Sculpt is just one method we offer, if you are looking for a permanent solution to transform your brows be sure to check out our other brow services.


It is a Lash Lift for your Brows, this is perfected by straightening and positioning the hairs using a keratin oil treatment allowing the hairs to sit flush to the skin and nourishes the hair follicles. It is a pain free solution for eyebrows that are in need of symmetry and fills in any gaps. Brow lamination enhances existing hairs and is best for brows with length. Brow tint is complementary and plumps the hair follicles making it extra fuller and darker. We will address if a tint is needed at your appointment, as it varies per individual desire and final outcome.

If you have unruly hairs, hair growth on the baseline but lacking fullness this service is calling you! The brow lamination tames unruly hairs that may grow in different directions, defines, and shapes. This service is a great alternative for those that are not wanting brow feathering and have great length to create a full and fluffy illusion.

Note: We recommend you book a Brow Sculpt to begin, to identify if the service will be best performed on you. We strongly recommend you come to the appointment with grown out and untrimmed brow hairs to achieve the best result.


We’re renowned for achieving aesthetically pleasing natural brows. Book online today!