Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a procedure to straighten and lift the eyebrow hair to achieve a smooth and feathered look. The procedure uses a keratin oil treatment for the natural and gentle enhancement of your brows. It is a pain-free solution for eyebrows that are in need of symmetry and fills any gaps (perfect alternative if you don’t want a brow feathering)

Brow lamination infuses hairs with more flexibility and allows them to move into your desired shape while covering any gaps or stray areas. Scroll ahead for everything you need to know before you try brow lamination.

What does brow lamination look like after 1 week?

Brow laminationBrow lamination after 1 week will look more subtle compared to when the brows were freshly done, and it will require a bit of daily upkeep. When you start washing your face, your brows will lose the shape your artist gave them, but it will be super easy for you to restore them. Thus, 1-week post-treatment, your brows will look more relaxed and less sculpted. However, you can brush your brows upwards and sideways to achieve the original look. The hairs will still be fluffy and lifted for a considerable time.

How long does brow lamination and tint take?

Brow lamination is a non-invasive, three-step procedure that does not take very long. The whole process is about 45 minutes long, from start to finish. However, the hybrid brow lamination treatments that include the tinting and waxing of brows and staining of skin beneath can take a little longer.

The procedure begins with preparing the eyebrows. Your brow hairs are lifted to a height with the help of a cream that keeps those hairs in place. Next, the brow hairs are brushed upward and pulled in a uniform vertical direction. This step gives your brows an overall uniform appearance. Once the hairs are in the desired place, a special neutraliser is applied to keep the hairs set and secured. We also used keratin oil treatment to rehydrate and nourish the brows.

Once the procedure is complete, you will have smooth and silky brows! 

How long does eyebrow lamination last?
Brow Lamination

  • Brow lamination can last six weeks if you follow a proper aftercare routine.
  • For the first 48 hours after your lamination we recommend to avoid getting the brows wet, no hot steamy showers, saunas or exercise that will cause you to sweat.
  • You can also apply a castor or squalene oil at home to keep the brows hydrated and brush them upwards.
  • Brow lamination Melbourne is one of the trendiest eyebrow treatments to achieve daily on-fleek brows. Its ability to smoothen and reposition brow hairs works wonders by creating a feathery, natural, and bolder look for your eyebrows. All you have to do after the procedure is to ensure delicate care.

How much does brow lamination cost?

For eyebrow lamination in Melbourne, the cost per session ranges between $75 to $150, depending on the salon and its location. This cost includes prepping the brows, perfecting them into the desired shape, and neutralising the hairs.

Brow lamination vs Microblading

Although brow lamination and microblading produce similar results, they are completely different procedures. Microblading is an invasive and permanent eyebrow transformation that might transform your brow’s look for about 1-2 years. Brow lamination, on the other hand, is more of a quick and temporary (4-6 weeks) perming treatment that is a more affordable and painless solution to achieving the desired brow look.

Wrapping Up

Brow lamination is a safe procedure that can make your brows look fuller in just one session. Brow lamination is a more affordable option when compared to other brow treatments like microblading and has immediate results that last. It is a treatment to consider if you want a new look that requires minimum maintenance. Get a party-perfect look with the best brow lamination Melbourne by Lux Brows and Lashes!


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